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Setting: Residential

Gender: Girls

Ages: 12 - 18 years old

License: Florida Department of Children & Families

Population: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Capacity: 12

Every year thousands of individuals are coerced or even forced into the sex trafficking industry.  Men, women, and children from all walks of life are are victimized by the traffickers and buyers who prey upon the vulnerabilities of their victims.  Fortunately, as awareness is raised through out the country and the world, many victims are identified and rescued from the grip of this horrific industry.  However, there are limited resources and services to support and restore the hope of a new life of freedom and independence.  At Harriet's Haven, female teenage survivors can find the safety, rest, and healing in a serene environment designed to prepare them to live out their dreams and aspirations at their fullest potential.  




The program provides comprehensive case management services to include: assessing, planning, coordinating, referring, monitoring and linking the client and family to needed services.  The Case Manager monitors the child’s training and progress by conducting monthly visits and utilizing the reports from the Competency Trainers. The Case Manager also assists client/family with referrals for Psychiatric services, social services, educational services, language services and behavioral training.


competency Training 

The goal of the program is for each client to become knowledgeable about the delinquency process and their legal situation to ensure appropriate due process in the legal system.  We accomplish this goal by delivering competency training to the client on an individualized basis in the least restrictive environment. 


Upon completion of the training clients should be able to:


  1. Appreciate the charges against him or her

  2. Appreciate the range and nature of possible penalties which may be imposed

  3. Understand the adversarial nature of the legal process

  4. Disclose to his/her attorney facts pertinent to the case

  5. Display appropriate courtroom behavior

  6. Testify relevantly

The training is implemented through activities that include but are not limited to verbal exercises, written exercises, and role play.  It is provided by a statewide network of independent contractors, who have been background screened, possess minimum education requirements and been trained to deliver our proprietary competency restoration curriculum. 


forensic psychological evaluations

The program utilizes a statewide network of Psychologists and Psychiatrists to perform competency evaluations. These Forensic Evaluators are all licensed in the State of Florida and have completed the Juvenile Forensics Evaluator Training, administered by the Florida Mental Health Institute, USF. 


Clients are evaluated:

  • Upon the TOFOS staff recommendation of achievement of competency.

  • Six months after the Court’s initial Adjudication Order of Incompetency

  • Two years after the Order of Adjudication

  • At the age of 19 years old, as ordered by the committing Delinquency Court

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