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Established in 1998, Twin Oaks Juvenile Development, Inc., is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit, agency that was incorporated for the sole purpose of providing a quality continuum of care to youth and their families. Our organization operates programs that offer services with varying levels of intensity, including both inpatient residential and outpatient services, in partnership with a variety of funding sources both regionally and statewide.


To provide quality services that promote the development of successful, responsible, productive and accountable citizens by fulfilling the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs in a caring and supportive environment. 


To forever touch the lives of those we serve. 

It is the vision of Twin Oaks to provide a continuum of comprehensive, value-based programs to meet the diverse needs of the persons we serve.


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Residential Care

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Professor & Students


Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment

Evidence-Based Programs


Career Training

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Trauma-Informed Care

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Case Management


Mental Health Treatment


Transition Planning

Therapy Session

Substance Abuse Treatment

requests for proposals

food services

Twin Oaks is seeking to identify and select one (1) vendor to provide food and ancillary products to each site on a weekly basis.
Twin Oaks operates 6 residential facilities that serve meals to residents and staff in the following locations:

  1. 29806 SW Liberty Wilderness Camp Road, Apalachicola National Forest, HWY 65 South, Sumatra, Florida
  2. 823 SW Greenville Hills Rd, Greenville Florida, 32331
  3. 5270 Ezell Rd, Graceville, Florida, 32440


To respond to this request, contact Karen Friedman at

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