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apalachicola forest youth camp

Setting: Residential

Gender: Boys & Girls

Ages: 8 - 18 years old

Contract: Florida Department of Children & Families

Security Level: Hardware Secure

Population: Juvenile Incompetent to Proceed

Capacity: 48

AFYC cabin.png

Apalachicola Forest Youth Camp provides comprehensive programming, including competency restoration training, to juveniles who have been charged with a felony or delinquent acts or violations of law, and who, due to mental illness or intellectual disabilities, or dual diagnosis, are found by the court to be incompetent to proceed under the provisions of section 985.223 (c), F.S., and committed to the Department of Children and Families for restoration of competency in a residential setting. 

AFYC provides youth with competency training in a secure environment so that clients may become knowledgeable about the judicial process and be able to use this knowledge in a meaningful way to make decisions concerning their cases.  AFYC provides intensive competency restoration services to juveniles charged with delinquent acts or violations of law, which would be felonies if committed by an adult and who have been found incompetent to proceed to trial due to a mental illness or intellectual disabilities.  The goal is to determine which youth may be restored to competency and assist them in reaching this goal as soon as possible.

The model we have designed ensures a minimum staff to youth ratio of one to four (1:4) during the day and one to six (1:6) at night. Our staffing pattern exceeds the minimum requirements. The additional staff ensures coverage for one-to-one observation of residents with special observation needs. AFYC has 24-hour medical services, full time psychologist, behavior analyst, case management, and mental health counselors. All contractual services meet all the Department of Children and Families, AHCA and CARF standards of care.

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Apalachicola Forest Youth Camp

P. O. Box 240

Hosford, FL 32334

(850) 379-3973 phone

(850) 379-3794 fax

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