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Setting: Community

Ages: School Aged Children, K-12

Contract: Escambia Children's Trust

Type: Informal Mental Health Support Services

Capacity: 1,230 annually

Referral Sources: Self, Any Community Member, Organization, or Agency

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Research supports the need for effective and evidence-based informal mental health supports that both fill existing gaps in the local mental health system of care and enhance existing systems to meet and treat the trauma and mental health needs of children and youth, K-12, in the most underserved and marginalized communities in Escambia County, FL. In partnership with The Escambia Children’s Trust, Escambia Connects tackles the challenge of stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health issues in children, youth, and families through a community-led model providing informal mental health support systems. Integrating Twin Oaks’ highly successful Project Connect model, Escambia Connects utilizes a specially designed, four-tiered approach to this endeavor by meeting children and youth in the local communities, at street level, providing the right level of service, at the right time, and in the right dosage appropriate for them based on a succinct needs assessment survey and, if necessary, facilitating a discrete connection to the appropriate formal mental health provider.   

core services


Tier 1 services include community informal mental health supports awareness campaigns that focus on breaking the stigma of mental health needs and identifies children and youth at risk of or in need of these supports.  


Tier 3 services include case management services for children and youth who have been formally assessed to be in need of evidenced-based trauma-informed care or mental health support needs beyond the basic level of care. 


Tier 2 services include informal mental health support specialists who will provide in-home and in-community services of basic mental and behavioral supports that are evidence-based, effective and appropriate for this level of service. 


Tier 4, the highest level of informal mental health support, will be directed by mental health case managers and incorporate evidence-based services that fill the gaps before, during and after formalized mental health treatment.

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Escambia Connects

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