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Twin oaks academy

Setting: Residential

Gender: Boys

Ages: 10 - 13

Contract: Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Security Level: Staff Secure

Population: Mental Health Overlay / Continuous Care

Capacity: 12


Located in the heart of the Apalachicola National Forest, Twin Oaks Academy serves 12 males, ages 10 to 13, as a non-secure commitment program specifically designed for young adjudicated males who are in need of mental health overlay services and continuous care services.  Continuous care services include transitional planning and in-home counseling services while the youth is in the program and for three months following the youth’s release from the program.  Priority for commitment placement is given to youth from the North Region so the continuous care services can be provided more readily.

Programming emphasizes academics, behavior management, anger control, individual accountability, and victim awareness. Mental health services are provided to youth in the program.  Family involvement is encouraged and there are ample recreational activities.

The anticipated average length of stay depends on the youth's pace of success in completing the individualized treatment plan and goals.

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Twin Oaks Academy

P. O. Box 409

Hosford, FL 32334

(850) 379-8344 phone

(850) 379-3351 fax

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