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Waypoint North serves males in the foster care system in need of a residential placement with a holistic response to histories of sexual dysfunction. 

Our program addresses sexual reactivity and sexual aggressiveness through individualized assessments and service delivery of clinical interventions. Assessments focus on developmental history, sexual history (J-SOAP), trauma history, attachment history, and delinquency risk factors. Each youth will have full biopsychosocial assessment and an individualized treatment plan developed to engage youth in weekly individual therapeutic sessions and group therapy facilitated by a SOTP counselor.

Our waypoints to healthy living...



We begin our journey by identifying what is considered healthy and unhealthy sexuality.  We will learn to define sexuality, sexual abuse, and other examples of unhealthy boundaries.  We will be able to describe our own healthy and unhealthy sexual behaviors and thoughts.  We will also describe our own victimization and identify our feelings of shame associated with it.



At this point in our journey, we will be able to write our autobiography and begin to examine how our past has affected our life choices.  We will begin to be able to recognize how our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and physical sensations work together.  We will also be able to identify core issues as it relates to our developmental history.  These issues include core beliefs about self, others, and the world, as well as core needs that were not met by caregivers.



We've now reached the point where we are able to describe characteristics of a healthy male at home, school, and in the community.  By the end of our time at this waypoint, we will be able to differentiate between love, sex and friendship. 



At our next stop we will be able to identify thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to unhealthy sexual expression.



At our last stop, we make our final preparations as we develop strategies to prevent unhealthy sexual expression.  This will include knowledge of our personal triggers, including problematic emotions and thoughts.  We will learn alternative ways to deal with stress, self-esteem issues and depression.



As we approach our the end of our journey, the last task is to define empathy and learn the impact of sexual abuse on victims and our culture.  

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