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Setting: Community Probation

Ages: 10 - 18

Contract: Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Type: Transition Enhancement Services

Capacity: 350



Project Connect provides transitional services in the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice's North Region to youth who are making the transition out of residential commitment programs back into their communities under conditional release or community probation. Project Connect currently serves the 41 counties in Judicial Circuits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 14.  


The Project Connect model provides a framework that ensures continuity of care for youth transitioning from residential services to their home community.  This process begins with the JPO assessing the youth’s need for transitional services and determining that Project Connect meets the youth needs. Once the referral is made, a Transition Specialist is assigned to the youth who then initiates contact with the youth’s family, and the residential program to initiate the transition needs assessment process. The Transition Specialist will then visit the residential facility to meet with the youth and residential staff to build the youth's Community Action Team (CAT).  The CAT is a group of volunteers and mentors who will support the youth’s transition back to the community.


Once the youth is released from the residential program, an Individual Service Plan (ISP) is developed based on the youth’s individual needs.  The ISP will outline measurable goals and objectives and will be monitored weekly by a Life Coach and reviewed monthly by the CAT until the Individual Service Plan is completed.

PC Core Services

core services


Project Connect provides two types of mentoring (Individual and Team) for all youth served in the program.  Both of these methods have distinct benefits, and meet the unique needs of delinquent youth transitioning from residential programs back into their community.  Additionally, each youth will be assigned a Life Coach to serve as their primary mentor.

educational services

Based on the academic needs of the youth, the Transition Specialist will assist the youth in pursing the academic goals of each youth.  Assistance consists of tutoring, providing GED test prep, and enrolling at a GED test center.  For youth who have a High School diploma and are not able to access a local community college or university, they can be provided with a laptop that will allow them access to software to earn college credit via the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

community action teams

A team of community volunteers from a wide variety of social spectrums will be assembled to support each youth in the completion of an individualized service/transition plan (ISP).  Each Community Action Team (CAT) will continually assess and support the individual needs of the youth to include education, vocation, transportation and mentoring. 

vocational services

In addition to providing linkages to existing vocational services in the community, Project Connect also provides vocational services directly to the youth we serve.  Our program offers opportunities to earn industry recognized certificates, the Florida Ready to Work credential, employability skills training, life skills training, and independent living skills training. 


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Daryl Betts

Training & Quality Improvement

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Karli Ledford

Human Resources


Jodi Savoy

Education Director


Tony Read

Executive Director

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Celena Hayes

Northwest Area Director


Kimberly Hixson

Northeast Area Director

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Lauren Federico

Northcentral Area Director

PC Leadership

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